Friday, September 28, 2018

Fine Balance

Do you kill and cook or Cook and kill your food 😎

We feel fresh with a shower or bath in the morning .We do it with our choice of bathing soap/body wash /shampoo and the fragrance  gives us a satisfaction of feel good hygiene.As the winter sets in we go for a past phased ritual bath.The choicest of winter wear comes out of their hibernation in different colours and hues.
I am beating the bush...let's get to the point.The good bacteria in our body gets cleansed along with the bad ones.Later the bad boys have a free hand to grow unchecked causing skin ailments.In the absence of a constructive opposing anti-thesis,... the fungus, bacteria s ,microbes or the microbiota rules the body ,creating metabolic imbalance.
Antibiotic medicines do the same as the bathing Soaps do to the skin . Antibiotics (read against the life) affects the whole body internally and externally.

Major modern-day ailments are because of the metabolic imbalance.

*We kill and cook the food (meat) or cook and kill the food .(vegetables)*

Daily meals should accompany raw food items like fruits and salads.The uncooked edible food eaten raw with live cells and nutrition are essential for which our digestive system evolved,but with our habits we took a different path.
Now at least we can add a raw item in our daily meals.
Have a nice day 🙏

Monday, August 27, 2018

The Red and Greens of it

*What stops us ?*

Imagine a genuinely important meeting, discussion or a conference.When the floor is open for discussion,only few speak ,ask or suggest but majority remain silent . Something stops us .We want  to,but  inner voice argues .What stops ? The Red and Greens of it..

*Because of these Red and yellow signals :*

1.Not getting the point

The Speakers should introduce,include and practice the following to engage the listeners..

*Ten Green Solutions :*
1. Create interest and make
     the audience comfortable
     with smile.
2.Speak simple with
3.Add emotions,drama and
5.Relating to the topic
6.Sprinkle the talk with humour
7.Visualise the idea with
8.Take the audience from the 
    known to the unknown .
9.Connecting simple known
    examples with the complex
10.Carry home thoughts .

Subbiah 18

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Fake ,fraud and hoaxes .

*How to identify the genuineness of forwarded posts in social media ?*
(Yeh public hai !)

1.If it is a text message and you have a inkling due to its language,then Google the key words along with the words hoax...fraud...fake to it.The results can throw some light.(Ardh-satya)

2.Reverse picture search for videos and pictures after taking screenshots of it to see the sources.(Tasveer sey tum....)

3.There are many hoax slayer sites which can provide you with better and bitter verdicts. ( Joot boley..kavva kaatey....)

4.Nothing worked,then viral sach like TV programs can make you smart and sweet.(Dekho ...dekho...dekho..)

5.Too much of authentication in a forwarded post with words like, doctor's,experts,BBC,NASA etc is normally fake news.Sounds good.(Joota hi Sahi..)

6.Jaago user jaago...don't forward posts and put yourself under the dim light.Dont scratch your head.( Neendh na aayey ..)

understand this...and forget to forward this valuable information,which will make you awesome and smart.Thats my intention.(Jaanam samja karo...)

Yours Truly,
--a doubting Thomas,always looking for something fishy around 😎(Awara kaheenka..kaheen ka nahi ...)

Tailpiece :
Chasma utaaro , ...fir dekho yaaron, ....duniyaa nayi hai,...chehrey  puraani.😳

Saturday, June 9, 2018

RTE Elephant

... *dancing to different tunes .....* 🎼

Take the classic Poem "The blind men and the Elephant" by John Godfrey.

Now remove and replace the words Elephant with RTE, and wall,spear,rope,fan,tree ,snake with no- detention,no corporal punishments,assessment,CCE, fundamental right,Child rights etc.

Replace First ,Second, Third,Forth ,Fifth,Sixth Blind men with PARENTS,TEACHERS,SCHOOL HEADS, STATE SND THE CENTRE in the classic Poem.
Cool Mag 😎18

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Coral Beach

When we loose


True, the existence is meant for everything without putting any species to disadvantage,but conditions apply.We want to and went to break the balance by learning too much of the secret codes for the survival of the unfits.

Two centuries past,only few children survived out of many.It was the strong and fit generation.We invented interventions ,like immunization and anti-biotics (against -life).Felt proud in eradicating many mass killer diseases like small pox .

At micro level there is a multitude of clusters and life forms ,good and bad in our human centric perception.
As we live in congested spaces and unnatural settings the *War with the invisibles* continue through the pharmaceutical Industry making golies and capsules.

Nature has inbuilt system to cop with crisis.But we destroyed it and expect miracles.

The primitive tribes of the islands believe that once the living population goes beyond  the numbers of the dead,the living has to compensate.
Basics are simple ,but we lost our self and migrated to an era near the expiry date.

The time bombing by the dormants ,the more potent variants of the invisibles, globalisation which started with the invention of ships and wheel ...all will help towards the survival of the fittest.
ONCE AGAIN THE PRIMITIVES IN THE JUNGLES WHO NEVER ACCEPTED ALL THOSE THINGS with which we entangled ourselves and  feel comfortable and call it luxury .
Yours Truly 😎🌤

Friday, December 29, 2017

Lure and the Resolution...

Lure and the new year resolutions.😎
When we make a resolution, we know that it's a tough work to keep the things ...going as per our wish.We know our limitations and temptations.

Even Eve was lured to taste the forbidden fruit.There lied the PIN(secret code for knowledge and intelligence ) code to trigger DEATH AND SUFFERING in our genes,at the cost of knowledge and wisdom.
Creation codes are always accompanied with codes to break in.Now we know almost 90% of it.

Now we are editing the gene codes with softwares (greatest accomplishment of 2017) Now we can tailor the genes.. ( tailoring  the jeans  is old one and we went for ready-made 😀).

This may lead to immortality and challenge our belief or faith system.

We always want to remain with our old ,protected ways of living.With your challenging resolution ,you are revolting against it,which your rational being thinks correct.A modified self,a new pattern needs CONSISTENCY.

What may come on the way..? Thakur may leave the Tijori open and show its contents  (as it was the lure for Veeru and Jai in Sholay) or a testing time...if you ignore and move ahead...and create a habit...which may take from a week to month to form ,will  make an indelible mark .
I completed my resolution to post regularly here at collMag in 2017 , even if no one responds ,reacts to the posts.I know not everyone sends a letter to the magazine after reading.
Don't declare your RE....SOLUTIONS to others...go ahead...Do it...😎

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Genius genes

WE all carry the GENIUS genes  ...when we learned to make fire, sat over rolling wooden logs,observed sprouting seeds ,accepted the friendship of a dog, domesticated animals and become dependent, feared the super POWER .

This lead to ways, when you don't need fire to cook (micro wave),rockets and hyperloops (wheel less),high breeds and genetically engineered (seedless),robots and AI bots,horse power to light years of travel  
........stone tools ,metal tools,mechanical to electronics , digital to Ai (Artificial intelligence) brain memory back ups on a frame in the homes instead of pictures may happen in the future....

The Ai Amars ,we the genius.We die ,but memories ,re-occur as  virtual karma .

This is nutshell about our PAST ,PRESENT AND FUTURE 😎
Reading habit can help, so thinking and  connecting the dots ....The permutations and combinations of facts with a flavour of imagination ,sprinkled with curiosity and finding ways to express can bring out the rat.....rational thoughts.😀✍subbiah 17-18.

Merry Christmas 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Catch 22

Teaching is all about understanding the concept and making it easier to understand for the children and doing what is expected from them.If practiced by a young teacher for at least five years with a positive intention ,the teacher reaches into the philosophical base of teaching the subject,and gets into a higher level of making it easier.
BUT during the evolving years the teacher should be motivated towards self motivation.This can surely become contagious.

Every Parent needs a good teacher,but no one like this profession as a career for their children.Till now majority of our teaching fraternity live with a low self esteem and don't want to create teachers.

It's a 'catch 22' situation.We want good teachers,but good students are motivated by everyone to opt for other lucrative careers.
What we are doing is spoiling the system with more mediocre teachers,leading to below average learning outcomes.A vicious cycle started....will continue...worsening the system,until there is systemic therapy.A REVOLUTION in education and thinking, not REFORMS and patch work solutions.
Education and employment are two different things.British left this 'education for employment' strong ,it is still active and working fine. 👍 think teaching ,teach thinking ! 😀it is FUN,when we make it SERIOUS ,all the essence of learning breaks down.
Watch how easily kids learn a language and mobile usage ,Its time we relearn about teaching.We actually KILL learning to give life to earning. ...subbiah 17.

Prime Instinct.

Primitive or Primal Instincts:
Dogs swirl around before settling down for a sleep.This is what it use to do in the wild,to cleanup the napping space.Now even in the 4th floor it is doing it before sleep.The Primal instincts and basic instincts are the cause of many good as well as bad things happening in our body and around the society.Any social deviation,that is acting against the decided norms can be morally -legally wrong.We learn or taught to control those primal instincts which is not good for social living.But a minority still unable to come out of it.Internal and external actions are controlled by these Primal BASE instincts.
Goose bumps are one good example of this.It raises the hair to show up ... the body BIG ..when threatened ,like porcupines .It also raises temperature of the body.Excited brain and cold can cause this.We learned to hide this and protect us by the invention of clothing.

Matter is, we all have inside the hidden,dormant primitive instincts,habits engrained in our genes,which may reappear suddenly.Social living,Religion,law,morality created an interdependent and a polished way of living.Most of the evils are because of the recurrence of the ancestral genetic pop-ups ,after generations of silence in the sequence.Atavistic 'hadbadi mey gadbadi' .This is natural, and will sustain Judiciary and Police agency for years to come.Otherwise again jungleRaj. 

Saturday, January 28, 2017


We get categorized into different kinds of existence, a boy/girl,a community,a particular language speaking, belonging to a region,doing a particular job etc.
The endless categories on a HUMAN.Let us all live like normal humans.Come out of your prisons made by your family and the society from where you come.If you compartmentalized ourselves into believing this,then how you are going to enjoy the FREEDOM as a Human.We chained ourselves with the help of our beloved people around us.REAL people are beyond GENDER CASTE RELIGION COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE HABIT WEALTH biased.Abnormally you will see something wrong in them,because of their SANITY !
It is difficult to understand a person who have CLARITY in his thinking.Inside the box it is DARK.COME OUT feel the breeze,breath the FREEDOM.No mortal can teach you about how to live and lead a LIFE.
Father forgive them ! those mortal morons !

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2016 Grade Maker

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Dravidian Languages

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An Experimental School Browser and it is FREE

Download it from the link below :(only 2.3 MB)

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