Tuesday, July 31, 2007

SANJAY DUTT sentenced for six years.

Following is the chronology of events leading to actor Sanjay Dutt's conviction under the Arms Act in the 1993 bomb blasts:

April 19, 1993: Sanjay picked up by Mumbai Crime Branch from airport after his arrival from Mauritius. He is arrested on the same day on charges of possessing an AK-56 rifle, a 9mm pistol and some ammunition and later destroying them.

April 28, 1993: Sanjay makes confession before police

May 5, 1993: He is granted interim bail by Bombay High Court subject to confirmation by the trial court.

Nov 4, 1993: Chargesheet filed against Sanjay

July 4, 1994: Trial court cancels his bail and he is arrested again

Nov 20, 1994: Sanjay retracts confession

July 22, 1995: Sanjay permitted by court to meet his model friend Rhea Pillai whom he later married. Sanjay visits Rhea in a flat where she is recuperating from an illness.

Sep 11, 1995: Trial court rejects Sanjay's bail.

Oct 16, 1995: Supreme Court grants him bail on hearing a letter written by him to the Chief Justice from jail. The letter as converted into a petition

Oct 18, 1995: Dutt released from prison after 15 months

Nov 28, 2006: Sanjay is cleared by the TADA court of charges under the TADA Act as well as conspiracy in the 1993 blasts but convicted under the Arms Act for possessing an AK-56 rifle and a 9mm pistol. Gets time till December 19 to surrender

Dec 18, 2006: Dutt files application under Probation of Offenders Act for suspension of sentence and release on probation

Dec 19, 2006: Gets time till December 21 to surrender

Dec 21, 2006: Time to surrender extended upto January

18 Jan 18, 2006: Court hears arguments on Sanjay's plea under Probation of Offenders Act

July 31, 2007: Sanjay Dutt sentenced to six years imprisonment and a fine of Rs 25,000. Taken into custody. We will appeal to the Supreme Court-Sanjay Dutts lawyer said.

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