Monday, September 24, 2007


Today I read a new magazine- EXPLORE SIKKIM .Really, clean and elite in its presentation.
This Black&White first issue (I wish later it becomes colourful) is like a journal on Sikkim,because of its decent presentation and broad outlook to preserve the socio-cultural
diversity of this region. The content shows the passion and philosophy behind the publication.
Nostalgia,sports,history,culture,society,hobbies etc.are the major topics.Photos are also of good quality..I don't know why one of the models face is censored and later she appeared in another page. The Tourism column is useful to everyone. Cartoons of Padam-Malay which I use to enjoy in the SUNCHARI also one of the attractions of this Mag.Mr.Shital Pradhan is the Editor ,so you can expect more good quality articles on Sikkim.I am eagerly waiting for the next issue.

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