Saturday, September 8, 2007

Why dont we think of SMS Direct-Democracy !

Now it is time to think of SMS Democracy,as everyone is holding a mobile phone,it will be easy to take decisions at least on issues which directly affect people.It will be a mix of Direct-Indirect
Democracy.But it should not be like the TV reality shows where you can vote as much as you can,but a voter should be given only one opinion vote.News papers use it,TV now is another name for SMS,Banking services,train reservation status...!.In federations the geography/region plays an important role..issues of one region should be put forward to only the people of that the voter i.card number can be used to settle this issue.Some kind of software developed for this purpose can solve this and help us to get the vox populi.

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Goran Bobanovic said...

It seems we are on a same page on that. As I found You searching just for that. And there is no aplication for direct democracy trough SMS.