Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Ever wondered about the colour on the sky during dawn or dusk, sindoor on the temple of married Hindu women,the danger light..What I am talking about...What is common.!!.Yes the colour RED. Why this colour red is used? Why the flowers are always of the shades of Red?The Jarawas of Andaman like Red clothes!
We all studied it in the school about the colour spectrum..VIBGYOR.Starting from violet, the lowest wavelength to the highest/longest..What is the last colour..ofcourse it is RED.The colour red can reach our eyes faster than the Blue.So to be get noticed this colour is used or present in the nature to attract. When the sun goes down the horizon or rises, the last or first colour reaching our eyes is Red.
Look at the above colour presentation prepared by me,to prove the wavelengths..your eyes are attacked by two different colours(blue and red)of opposite wavelengths..what you feel?The blue is reaching you slower than the red,that’s why the illusion!

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