Friday, February 29, 2008

Ghising to resign within ten days, GJM jubilant

By Divya Pathak
Friday, February 29, 2008 (18:41:47)
Ghising to resign within ten days, GJM jubilant

Kolkata: Caretaker administrator of Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council (DGHC), Subhash Ghising is all set to resign from the position which he held for twenty years in the hilly regions of North Bengal. Surrendering to the pressure to quit DGHC, mounting on him from all sides, especially from his rival party Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM), the veteran soldier-turned-leader told Chief Minister of West Bengal, Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, that he would put in his papers in the next ten days.
Ghising's decision was made public in a written statement issued by the Chief Minister's secretariat in Kolkata today. Buddha, in his statement, said that Subhash Ghising has decided to step down from his position within ten days. The statement also mentioned that the decision regarding the amendments of Sixth Schedule in Darjeeling has been put on hold for the moment, and that the Union Home Ministry would reassess the situation before finally taking any decision on the introduction of Sixth Schedule in the hilly regions of Darjeeling district.

In the statement, Buddha said, "I have discussed the latest situation in Darjeeling with all concerned. Yesterday (28th February 2008) the report of the parliamentary standing committee on the issue of the introduction of the Sixth Schedule in the Darjeeling hills was placed in the Parliament. It was proposed in the report that the Union Home Ministry would make a reassessment of the situation in Darjeeling. Meanwhile, Subhash Ghising, administrator of DGHC, has said that he will resign within the next ten days."
Through his statement, Buddha also appealed to GJM activists to end their agitation, and restore normalcy in the hills. Buddha said, "In view of the current discussion, I would urge all concerned to call off their agitation and hunger strike, and help restore normal condition in the hills of Darjeeling."

The CM had met both Subhash Ghising, and Bimal Gurung, Ghising's arch rival and GJM supremo over the past few days, and had heard their demands. While Ghising had demanded introduction of Sixth Schedule in the hills of Darjeeling, Gurung had met Buddha with demands of Ghising's resignation, and the cancellation of Sixth Schedule, so that Darjeeling can be formed into a separate state. GJM leaders had also threatened that they would not leave the city, and continue with the agitation in the hills till their demands were met.
Finally, on Friday, GJM's demands were met, with the CM issuing his statement today. Needless to say, the GJM leaders were ecstatic by the move, and announced relaxation in the ongoing bandh in Darjeeling, starting today evening. Talking to Headlines India, Bimal Gurung said, "We are very happy with the CM's statement. Ghising got what he deserved. For the time being, we have relaxed the bandh, but if Ghising does not resign within March 10, then we will begin our agitation on a larger scale."

Subhash Ghising evaded the media after the CM's statement was issued, but sources revealed that Ghising was very upset, and had withdrawn himself into a shell. Sources also said that Ghising would resign within the next couple of days, after returning to Lalkothi, the secretariat of DGHC.

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