Tuesday, April 8, 2008


You might have seen workers boring holes in the rocks or using big hammers to break rocks here in Sikkim.Other form of breaking rocks are through explosions.But there is an alternative to this which will not cause explosion and will not destroy the surroundings.It is called Soundless Chemical Demolition Agents.Soundless chemical demolition agents (SCDAs) have proven to be viable substitutes for the use of explosives. SCDAs are powdery materials that will expand considerably when mixed with water. This expansion, when occurring under confinement, generates significant expansive pressures. These pressures are sufficient to break up rock and concrete when the SCDA is confined in a borehole or a series of boreholes. Experiments have been conducted with SCDAs to learn more about those variables that tend to hamper or enhance SCDA performance. Results show that the amount of mixing water and the ambient temperature arc the most important variables in influencing the generation of SCDA expansive pressures.

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