Thursday, August 28, 2008

Andamansikkim reaches South Sikkim

After a five months stay at Dentam,West Sikkim...andamansikkim now reached South Sikkim this month.The west life was wonderful with a lot of water around the Singalila Range and the ways blocked with mud and clay,which I found interesting.The travel is of five to six hours from Rangpo. via. Melli, Jorethang,Zoom,Chakung,Soreng,Sreebadam,Kaluk,Heebermiok,Heegaon ..and at last Dentam.Now while returning this route was blocked due to a landslide at Pecherek near HeeGaon.Two , ten meter long and half meter wide iron sheets can rid off the problem for small vehicles,but I don't know why the concerned authorities are not doing it!There are many routes to reach Dentam.While returning we took Dentam -Pelling-Geyzing-Jorethang-Namchi route.This is the ultimate tourist destination in Sikkim-West Sikkim.See here

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