Monday, February 23, 2009

JAI HO!!!....Slumdog Millionaire.

When I watched  this amazing two hour long but simple movie called Slumdog Millionaire,it was a nostalgic tour to Salam Bombay,TV show KBK,Sathya etc.This movie  was about to be released only on DVD due to the Production companys closure...but later another company bought it and the rest is history.A low budget movie based on a Novel "Q&A" written by a Diplomat and fan of Amitabh Mr.Vikas Swarup.The movie, a fast edited with moving sound track sprinkled with events which shaped the boys(Jamal) life and provided answers to win the Crores.They say Poverty & misery sells,but the Music by AR.Rehman(Roja to Delhi-6) who gone through all of it in his life,and a dedicated musician who creates his numbers when we are in deep sleep and America wakes truly a genius.This year we can expect the unexpected to happen,but Oscar to AR.Rehman(The Mozart from Madras) was expected.  JAI HO!!!....GAREEBI HATAO!!!

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