Friday, July 3, 2009


We introduce new species into our environment whenever we comeback from other environs.Knowingly or unknowingly these new species accommodate itself into the new environ and if possible invade when no other enemy species counteracts against it.These two conspicuous plants made themselves felt in Sikkim.The Banmara is ubiquitous and it is not possible to remove it from here.Most of the plants which we see around us are Alien to this land ,some are invasive in nature.They spread their legs and lo... vini,vidi,vici!!!The Botanists Paradise is loosing to these Alien Invaders slowly.Man brought plants from other places for food production,crafts,ornamental use and out of curiosity.Some of them didn't harm other species of plants and co-exist,but few which are toxic(like the banmara) are invading in nature .They destroy green pastures leaving no place for the herbivorous.The Pistia(water lettuce) decreases the oxygen level in the ponds,which kill the fish.Now it is time to identify and take note of these "not so Eco-friendly" plants,so that something can be done to stop its spread in our ecology.There are so many other alien plants doing the harm to our local plants,here I only took two plants,let us identify one by one...the search will continue......!!

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