Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Did you ever noticed ! ....when you learned a new word or something new then you always see the same word often or the related matter here and there which you learned the other day.Avid readers must have experienced it.If you are interested in visual/graphic kind of things then you will not disagree with me seeing images of people or portraits in clouds, walls/in places .Our mind can be set to a certain extend for what you want to learn or what you want to achieve.Our brains are programmable and it is similar to our modern day computers,because the computers are made to behave like our brains.

Some times the name of a person is in the tip of your tongue ,and not coming out! Then leave it for some time and engage yourself in some other work.The name will pop- up suddenly when you are not thinking about it.

I use Alphabetical Technique to bring out the names I forget.I start from A then B,C ,D....Insight shows me the name.If I can't then I leave it to my mind to bring it out!

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