Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coral Islands and Coconuts

First let us understand what is a coral,Corals are rock kind of things formed by the micro organisms living in the sea.Colonies of this micro creatures live together and secrete lime(calcium)around them increasing the coral reefs...after thousands of years they reach(above) the sea level and form reefs like the moon crescent ,filling the gap inside w
ith sand of their own origin. Lucky floating coconut, lands on the sand and stays rooted and grows to make a coconut jungle in a century.The coconut wastes creates soil over the sand.Traders find these islands good for a overnight stay and to have some tender nut drink.
How and Why these coconuts float? (simple, God made it like that!)let us try to understand...Coconuts are high quality design packages,containing water,the white coconut "meat",the shell,the husk and the finished outer layer.The buoyancy due to the husk carries the nut around the world through the ocean currents,hence you (also Darwin)find these trees in all the islands .People found the oil from the nut useful,the husk made into coir can be used to make mat ,ropes etc.We use to burn the shells to heat the age old iron boxes.My father taught me to make rings(for fingers)from the hard shells!

Only this much today....thanks to the cough and cold !!!!

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