Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks to 2009 and Hello to 2010

We reached the moon and found WATER with the US,An Army officer and a Judge trapped in a LAND grabbing case and Airhostess,pilot,Airlines issues in the Mid AIR are some breaking news this year.Oscar rain to Slumdog M and the pain of losing Michael Jackson,Bollywood with great flops and Hollywood flapping its wing with 2012 and Avatar,Nobel to Obama and Venky ,Jaswants Jinnah and Gorkhaland movement hotting up with Telangana announcement,Sikkim suffering the bandhs on NH 31A,Bear menace in Himachal & Sikkim,YSR tragedy a bad omen to Andhra,Andhra Governor N.D.Tiwari going underground with all his clothes during this winter ,Ruchikas case,Aruna's 36 yearold coma and euthanasia issue,gay rights ,Varun Gandhi,Sena,Manus and Media dominated the news this year.

Nanotech,LHC,makkimaar Obama,shoe throwing rebels wasted good chunck of news print leading to Copenhagen talks on Climate change wasting more newsprint to save the coming generation from the global warming and its effects,better ask the leaders to build their houses near the sea shore or shift all State capitals near the Sea to get the sinking feeling. Maldives and Nepal arranged for cabinet meeting under the sea and near a himalayan glacier respectively.Nepal before crawling in to democracy want to be an adult democracy like India.Copying others wont work,you have to invent/discover your own.

Usain Bolt broke records or made records.Mary Kom shouting at the Judges and P.T.Usha's plea
has shown us that how serious we are about Commonwealth Games and other sports except Cricket.Sachin and Baichung's achievement inspired us all this year.

Our Religion;Bollywood,cricket and Politics flourished well with 3 ideots earning 100 crores in four days of its release,number one ranking in test cricket and Mayawati's statues ,New generation politicians irking the old ( Tharoor's tweeting- tweaks,Rahul's dinner in the countryside)

Prabhakaran's(LTTE)end and Sarath Fonseka -the Military chief entering Politics,Kasab denying it,Swine flu,Liberhan Committee leaked report are some of the important 2009 stories.

Many anniverseries like 40th: Man's Moon walk,25th:Indira Gandhi's death,50th:Tibetan Government in-exile etc. were observed in this "International Year of Astronomy".

Now let us leave the history which is going to inspire us in the future and look forward to the"International Year of Bio-Diversity"Andaman and Sikkim are the places in India to look forward to , protect & preserve its Bio-Diversity .Island to highland:flora,fauna,inland,sea,tribal,traditional.....bayo!!!!

33 degree HOT and 10 degree cold: andamansikkim


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

SUBBIAH said...

thanks,for your encouragement..