Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tower of Babel to Burj Khalifa(Dubai):Curse or Cure

We humosapiens always aimed for the sky( and landed on the planets !)If you don't know the answer- show the sky.Where is God?(up!)What happens after death?(you go up!!)The upperwaala is also tired of it. It happened to the Tower of Babel,when people started building a tower to the heavens God become angry and destroyed the tower by lightning..not only that,the people started speaking different languages causing confusion ..they left the place and spread across the earth. Now we know the reason for many dialects on earth.It may sound funny to you and me !! but you cannot undermine the truth. The folklores of Lepcha's (Sikkim) and the Tower to heaven,folktales around the world,even the Tribes of Andaman Islands have a similar story of God,flood and language- Their beliefs hold that even before the death of the first man,
... his offspring became so numerous that their home could no longer accommodate them. At PÅ«luga's(GOD) bidding they were furnished with all necessary weapons, implements, and fire, and then scattered in pairs all over the country. When this exodus occurred Puluga- provided each party with a distinct dialect.

If God divided us through communication barriers(the first divide and rule policy after creating the man and woman !) against building towers by punishing with confusing dialects ,then what will happen if we all communicate in English and use Internet..uniting once again,completing the Circle ?Now rethink about the English medium schools in all corners of the world,even the Chinese are in a hurry to make their kids learn the Queen's language.

GOD cursed Adam and Eve for not abiding by his rules in the Eden by saying "By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return."Now most of us who use the Internet don't sweat and managed to escape this curse ,scientists working hard in their labs(no sweats)to make humans immortal.

We are alive and kicking the Doomsday predictions of the past .The Sensational News Channels around the world created an impressive prelude( knowingly/unknowingly) to promote the movie 2012 before its release.Sony won,virtually we lost the world and survived to see the 2012- movie ,making Mahesh Bhatt fuming over the lose of Tum Mile !

They build Burjes and towers to show the world that they(others already sweated it out building the structures..) can use the speedy lifts to reach the 158th floor and sweat out to burn calories in the advanced AC gims.. escaping the curse,because God created us in his own image,but the brain of God is distributed among us!! and some who lack the stuff in theirs a part of it!


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