Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Why we failed to Pass ? Dozen reasons or solutions

1.Schooling is not only for a living.(Paisa paisa karti ho !!!)Schooling for stomach! Education
    and Literacy are different things .All literates are not educated...

2.After getting a job we forget to read or write.(Chalta hai !)Alliteracy.
3.Secure job,family,kids-happy .(All is well..)No risk taking.

4.Kids of 21st Century ,Teachers are from 20th Century.(Sau Saal pehle.....)Generation gap.

5.Punishments-Carporal,Exams (Fear factor)Schools should be inviting.

6.Matriculation-Class X phobia(Dus ka Dum).Grade or no grade..parental pressure in urban will         

7.No life skill/survival skill education(Zindagi ye kaisi hai paheli..haai ..)Paper Tigers cannot withstand the    

8.Peer pressure( Mitwa....).Negative,misinformation,habit formation etc.starts here.

9.Insecure childhood(Dil hoom hoom kare gabraaye..)Don't worry about your kid,be concerned.

10.Sense of humour(lacking) among teachers(Bum bum bole..)

11.Lack of motivation -teacher/kids(Saabasi dega kyaaa?)

12.Encourage divergent thinking.(Socho jara socho...)

You can add more......
Moral of the story"Don't miss the Tiger for the Woods"!!!.

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