Monday, September 26, 2011


It was 8.5 in its magnitude,the quake which hit the Middle Andaman during the Tsunami causing 9.5 quake (2004 Dec.) epicentered in Sumatra. Unable to stand we sat on the ground. The Earth rocked like a ship in a rough Sea. It was early morning for me,my eight month old son was sleeping beside me,when heard the shouts of “Bhookamp”,i took my son and came out. Tremors stopped after a while and calm restored,but someone shouted the sea is swelling” is history..we are still alive to tell the story.

My son who is now seven years old ,on last Sunday got confused with the Earth rattling and shaking,we came out of our house,after about 20 seconds it was over. We were worried about our daughter who is studying in a boarding school in Sikkim.(later we came to know that there in the hostel they watched a movie BODYGUARD and humming songs) As power went off,no mobile network..but luckily GPRS was working. I Googled for the epicentre and Magnitude(6.8) and sent a message and alert to expect aftershocks -to all those who registered with my Free Google SMS channel-schoolalert-.When mobiles resumed working...well-wishers and family members started calling. No cracks developed in my residence. We slept well with two interrupting aftershocks.
Thanks to HEYMATH for providing a good UPS ,which helped me to charge my mobile phone for 4 days/(I should thank all the brands which helped me!!)

FEAR if exposed MORE- becomes less.

The difference in these two big Eqs are not only of its Magnitude,but the damage it caused to constructions. NO Single human life was lost in the 2004 quake in Andamans,but the aftermath-THE TSUNAMI killed people in the Little Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In Andaman &Nicobar Islands no one is permitted to build more than 3 stories. Less people build stories there.

1.ONLY one VOLCANO exists in India ie. In Barren Island in the Andamans.
2.Volcanoes and Earthquakes vent-out the stress of the Earth for its survival.thats NATURE.
3.We know much more about the space than what lies beneath.
4.Everyday there is one or two Eqs take place on this earth in varied magnitude.

A line from a Hindi Movie”Katta Meeta” came to my mind.and iam stopping here,self restriction or call it …..for heavens sake stop it...
Bolne ki Aajadi tho hai magar bolne ke baad aajaadi nahi hai !!!
Bullshit !

As I firmly believe that money(is the root of all SIN) brought all voes after desire and expectations taking the top two slots,hence I decided to accept FREE,OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARES and kill my guilt of using pirated softwares..i switched to UBUNTU 11.5 Operating system. This post comes to you from LibreOffice.

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sunildhimal said...

Very nice post Sir...
We (Sankalp India Foundation) provided relief work for this Earthquake victims of Sikkim.The real problem this time was connectivity in Sikkim.Our team reached Sikkim in 48 hours of disaster but due to connectivity we had to wait around 48 hours more for relief activity.
Project Sahayog:
for more details click here

I whole heartedly welcome to the World of Open Source Community.I am also a fan of Open Source Philosophy.Its simply awesome!! I have been using Free and Open Source(FOSS) Operating System,and Software since 3 years.Say no to Microsoft :).It is sick :)