Thursday, October 6, 2011

Educating the Minds

A constant learner can teach others,not the one who left learning and pursues earning.Now how many of us have reading /thinking habit.Curiosity is vital for the learner as well as teacher.Only the curious mind can understand things. Pseudo intellectuals who dominate the world with their half baked ideas will create a quarter backed individuals.Every child is adaptable and able to learn,but our social creation which leaves no stones turned in promoting a society where all those so called educated ,created a stage where only pomp and shows dominate and provide a wrong role model to the young minds.If genuinely we need a learned society then we need genuine human minds to show the way.Where we can find them?Who will search? again the nexus...the person who is given the responsibility should be genuine..the person who is giving the work should be genuine...When our work becomes boring,we are able to switch to other options.Compulsion,responsibilities,needs etc.dominate,but we can bring a change by convincing and not by confusing others with high end ideas. I think i am confused...till next post i will have some clarity....

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