Saturday, November 10, 2012

Travel Checklist for easy travel

It is easy to make your own travel checklist,start from the feet to
head ,list what you need,and then from morning to night what you
need,brushing,bathing,toilet,spending,eating etc.note down.Here is
my personal checklist.Remember not to forget the toothbrush.
1. Mobile phones with chargers
2. Camera
3. Toothbrushes and paste
4. Shaving set/simple makeup essentials
5. ATM card/Money
6. Tickets/I.Cards/documents/Address book
8. Locks &kEYS
9. Towels/soaps/extra clothing
12.First Aid Kit 0r Essential medicines
13.Inform Post Office/Neighbours
14.Lighter with torch(chinese) books
16.Mosquito nets/repellents
17.Swiss knife-multi tools
18.Dalle-cherry pepper (Iam lovin it!)

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