Tuesday, April 9, 2013

It is easy to cheat a literate than an illiterate

We often think that we  are in a good position than  illiterate.But it is the material concerns and the success parameters which we fixed speaks that.Put yourself on the other side of the fence.Ignorance is Bliss for them.No one can cheat them of their money,because they …


Logical -arithmetic thinking of the material minds can be manipulated with the same tools.If I say something confidently with some sprinkle of logic and convincing words I can fraud you and go smiling to the bank,but if I try the same tool with an illiterate ,he will avoid or annoyed with the bullshit and will not have any receptivity left for my words.

लाटा लड्छ एक बल्डयाँग,बाठा लड्छ तीन बल्डयाँग !!

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