Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why it is Political Science ? Food for thought !!!!

The flowing waters of a river can be contained and the Potential Energy can be exploited to create energy. This energy  can be used or distributed as per our need. When energy is stored and converted to Mechanical Energy to Produce Electrical Energy through Dynamos/Generators it is the Electro -Magnetic power.
Science is the wealth of accumulated knowledge through trial and error and it happens on a Lab or Universe.
The unorganized flowing voters can be mobilized to a following and the votes can be concentrated to create Government. This Government Mechanism then uses the Power to decide the matters of public concerns and used to distribute, protect, and maintain Law and Order in a Society. The People Power is converted by the Dynamic leaders in to Government through Elections. Source of Power (people)is the beneficiary. The Democracy.
Politics is the management of wealth and Peace through knowledge, using Power and Trials. It happens inside human mind or Society.
Application of this Knowledge.
A part of the power produced by the River can be used to pump the waters to the uphill for cultivation ,this way we create a sustainable use of Water. No need to spend on Power ,as it  is produced by the River itself. The river water then pumped to the uphill fields. Water can be managed well. The precautions for Landslides, storage modes, Gravity concerns, need etc. can be calculated and materialized.
Without Electrical Power We can also  pump water to the nearby fields up to an elevation, using the River current and mechanical way, this idea has to be tested for feasibility.
Tail: Geo-Politics! Yes, i got another idea. Geography and Politics!!

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