Monday, July 15, 2013

YUKSAM: at the age of 371

 PHAMRONG FALLS(before reaching yuksam)
 NORBUGANG: 371 years ago here the Sikkims first king  Phuntsog Namgyal was coronated ., YUKSAM became the first capital of Sikkim.
 YUKSAM-YUKSOM-YOKSOM BAZAR a point to start trekking,the real Sikkim experience
WE TEACH & LEARN :A Talk at Yuksam Sr.Sec.School
 The teachers
 The Teachers
 Mr.Sanjay Acharya (Head of the School)
Monsoon morning at Yuksam


karthikeyan Rajamanickam said...

good to know that..

karthikeyan Rajamanickam said...

Good to know about this place... thanks to you..