Saturday, March 8, 2014

Celebrating Womenhood-Eve's Day Out:Evening

Verse 51 She is the helpful wife who possesses the fullness of Household culture and spends within her husband's means.
Verse 52 The fullest family life remains empty If the wife lacks the lofty culture of the home.
Verse 53 What does a man lack if his wife is worthy? And what does he possess if she is lacking worth?
Verse 54 What is more majestic than a women Who commands the copious prodigious strength of chastity?
Verse 55 Even the rains will fall at the command of the wife Who upon rising worships not God, but her husband.
Verse 56 She who vigilantly guards herself, fondly secures her husband's needs And protects their unblemished reputation is truly a wife.
Verse 57 Why do guardians protect women by confinement? Her own Strong-willed staunch chastity is a women's prime supreme protection.
Verse 58 A women deeply devoted to the man who wed her Will be worthy of great rewards in the world where Gods delight
Verse 59 Unless the wife pursues praiseworthy purity, The husband cannot stride prance like a proud lion before his critics.
Verse 60 A worthy wife is the blessing of a home, And good children are its precious ornament.

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