Saturday, January 28, 2017


We get categorized into different kinds of existence, a boy/girl,a community,a particular language speaking, belonging to a region,doing a particular job etc.
The endless categories on a HUMAN.Let us all live like normal humans.Come out of your prisons made by your family and the society from where you come.If you compartmentalized ourselves into believing this,then how you are going to enjoy the FREEDOM as a Human.We chained ourselves with the help of our beloved people around us.REAL people are beyond GENDER CASTE RELIGION COMMUNITY KNOWLEDGE HABIT WEALTH biased.Abnormally you will see something wrong in them,because of their SANITY !
It is difficult to understand a person who have CLARITY in his thinking.Inside the box it is DARK.COME OUT feel the breeze,breath the FREEDOM.No mortal can teach you about how to live and lead a LIFE.
Father forgive them ! those mortal morons !

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