Monday, April 28, 2008

Nano satellites are the future: Experts

SRIHARIKOTA: Buoyed by Monday's PSLV launch, space experts have said that in the coming years an increasing number of nano satellites will be launched as they are guided by the slogan "faster, better, smaller and cheaper".

"This (nano satellite) could inspire and encourage youngsters to look for a career in the space sector," said an ISRO official.

The launch of nine nano satellites — which weigh between 1-10 kg and are cubical in shape — could encourage Indian universities to work on similar projects in collaboration with ISRO, officials said. They predicted that future satellite constellations will be "swarms" of hundreds of nano satellites, each weighing around 10 kg.

ISRO chairman Madhavan Nair has been quoted as saying that the demand for nano satellites is picking up. He said many space missions during the 11th Plan period could use such satellites.

According to NASA, nano satellites will revolutionise scientific investigations of key physical processes explored by the space and earth science communities.

Keeping in view the significance of nano satellites, space buffs of Israel formed an Israeli Nano Satellite Association in '06. The key role of the body is to promote the use of nano satellites for academic and commercial purposes.

source: Times of India

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