Monday, April 28, 2008

Nepaali: A Tamil Movie

OST Films' Nepaaliis an absolute thriller. The news flashes about the novelty in Bharath's looks and the courage and diligence in which he has distinguished the three characters offer the exciting extra for the film.

Karthik (Bharath) is a software engineer from Chennai. While attending a training program in Ooty, he meets Priya (Meera Jasmine). After a string of naughty pranks and cheery exchanges, Karthik and Priya begin to like each other. Worried about parental rejection, they get married without informing their parents. Priya's irate parents suspect Karthik has seduced Priya and hence file a complaint against him for misleading their daughter. Unexpectedly, the officer who investigates the case falls for Priya's charm. He tries to use the tricky situation, his power and position, to force Priya to surrender to his desire. Subsequently, owing to awful pressures and prejudices, a murder is committed.

Meanwhile, another Bharath is spending his term in the jail. Young and vibrant, he looks like a terrible misfit in the macabre surroundings. There, he befriends an old Nepali, an informant who tips the police with information regarding serious crimes happening in the city committed by perverted persons of high society, who wear a deceptive mask in public. The police follow up the cue and track down the criminals.

There is yet another Bharath, a native of Nepal. Behind his piercing eyes that spew venom there is also a vague ache, a sad story. He looks unkind and dangerous. He is a person who determinedly breaks known rules of conduct and behaviour and upsets certain people's life by being impossible and obstinate. Is there any link between the three Bharaths? If so, what is the connection? Will that expose some disturbing realities? Who is the real culprit? Who is innocent and flawless? Watch Nepaali and you are sure to go through some thrill-a-minute scenes!

For chocolate-boy Bharath, the three roles offer abundant scope for acting and expressing his talent. As Karthik, the happy young man, he basks in youthful bliss, secure with Priya's love. As the sad hero who bides time in jail, he looks typically sullen and lost, almost at the end of the tether. As the terrifying Nepali, he displays petulance and conceit; dangerous doctrines rule his dubious life. It is indeed a good show from the promising hero!

Meera Jasmine, the heartthrob of Malayalam cinema, is the cute darling of Nepaali. Lovely and lively, she adds gloss, glamour, sophistication and value to the story. If we discuss about the predominant features in Nepaali, story comes first. Indeed, Nepaali's plot amuses the viewers. The audiences travel along with the characters and sequences, emoting to them suitably. Srikanthdeva's music, Madhie's camera, Pattukottai Prabhakar's dialogues are the other positive points in the film.

Director V.Z. Dorai has tried to project an invincible hero and has simultaneously exposed some high-society neuroses, follies and offences. Overall, the movie is entertaining and appealing for the intensity of Bharath's roles and the reality it has tried to establish.

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