Thursday, May 15, 2008

GAZMER SIR: Asaare mahina ma

Late Shri.Tulsi Gazmer is the Musician and Lyricist who created this song 'Asaare mahinaama'.Radio Nepal recorded it .Gazmer sir, one among them who influenced my life,from him I learned many things.How to appreciate music ,Importance of word power ,Taking life in its own stride ,Cooking etc.this multi faceted personality had a great influence .A talented teacher who believed that learning Music is for life and it should not be only an interest or fade during teenage.He was a bachelor married to music.He left this world with his memorable songs like "Thithe kareli.. jimkaondai pareli". He didn't discussed much about his songs with me,but he told me that this asaare mahinaama song actually written.."after seeing the coolies of Darjeeling sitting around the fire ,near the raiway station,during the dark winter nights,and thinking about their family in Nepal .But this song become popular as a Paltane song",he said.He use to sing for me the new creations accompanied by his guitar,because I can't steal his songs.I remember a song on the father-son relationship..a good song. I felt emotional hearing this asaare mahinaama on a Taxi,and started searching for it on the web,not finding it...Click the esnips down here to  download and listen.

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