Saturday, May 17, 2008


Dr.Phurba Lepcha Vet.Surgeon at work
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his important Government programme is reducing the risk of Rabies infection in humans and animals, and is providing family-planning surgery and health-care to the street-dogsofSikkim.This will lead to a smaller and healthier street-dog population.

Today we are collecting stray and community-dogs from your district. These dogs will be transported to a veterinary facility so that the following procedures may be performed:

Sterilisation surgery
: this operation is performed under full anaesthesia and will prevent the dogs from producing any more puppies

Anti-Rabies vaccination: to protect them against Rabies and prevent them from being a Rabies-risk to the community .

General health care: all dogs will be examined and receive all possible treatment for any conditions Which may be affecting them; most commonly diseases caused by skin and intestinal parasites

Following this treatment, all healthy dogs, other than those which appear to be dangerously aggressive, will be returned to the area from which they were collected. You will notice that they will have had a small notch cut from one ear, to indicate that they have been treated.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about the health of any dogs following their return to your community.

These procedures are recommended by the World Health Organisation of the United Nations as being the most effective means of controlling the street-dog population; much more effective than the inhumane and dangerous mass-shooting of dogs, which has thankfully been stopped as a result of recent judgements in the Indian HighCourt.

It will also result in a healthier and friendlier population of street-dogs.

If you would like to volunteer to assist us in this important work or would like to arrange an Anti-Rabies Vaccination camp for owned dogs in your area, please contact the project director on 97331-50056Or '94341 44248.

Head Office: SARAH Hospital and Shelter, Opposite Sitco, National Highway, Deorali,Gangtok,Sikkim 737102
Tell Fax: +91 (0)3592320973 Mob: +91 97331 50056 Email:

Now this team is in Dentam,West Sikkim.
Dr.Phurba Lepcha took an awareness class on Rabies at Dentam Senior Secondary  School,West Sikkim today.


Covert_Operations'78 said...

I met Dr. Phurba Lepcha at the Asia For Animals Conference 2008 in Bali. Although I have known of the good work of Vets Without Borders, it was the first time I heard of the SARAH Project. I wish all of them all the very best and will try to keep track of the SARAH team's many successes!

Anonymous said...

the work carried out by SARAH is really appreciable....i really appreciate the noble job done by da team members too,their dedication to the society will definitely be rewarded one day or da other...god bless them all...

Anonymous said...

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