Friday, June 13, 2008

Mango at Rangpo

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Rajmani said...

Hello sir,this is Rajmani,Its just because of ur teaching and ur guidline we are here toay.Your teaching was very useful to buid our life I mean our carrier,thankyou sir and I really miss my schooldays.Sir I want to congratulate u for making such a nice blog and I was sad to here that u are transfered to other place,Pendam actually needed a teacher like you who had a high caliber in his teaching and had a strong determination to motivate students towards their goal.Rest over here is everything fine and I was having a hard to coup with new environment,with studies and work in other hand,now i am getting used to it.Sir I am trying to make my own blog inspired by your work my url is,and finally sir convry my regards to madam and to sushantika and to ur son as well,I had saw them on ur blog they have grow up,Sir Best of Luck and have a best time.