Saturday, June 14, 2008

NEWS WEEK..Sikkim..Darjeeling.. West Bengal.. Nepal

 This weekGorkha Jana Mukhti Morcha called bandhs affected the tourists who visited Sikkim and Darjeeling during this Summer Holidays.Demand for a seperate Gorkhaland state is in its second phase.The earlier demand phase led by Mr. Subhas Ghising culminated into Hill Council then his stand on Tribal Status- to include it in the Sixth Schedule,made things worse for him.The dissatisfied people under the leadership of Mr.Bimal Gurung mustered full support of the hill masses and started the movement in full swing.Here we should note that the guiding principles were not Violence ,it is non-violence and Gandhian way of protest- has been prescribed for this second phase..putting the deadline for a seperate state by 2010.The Indian Idol contest brought the emotional integration-garnering support for this movement.

The left led West Bengal Government is in no mood to give recognition to this movement,which was clear in its invitation for the all party meeting called by the govt. to discuss the events recently.The Amar Bangali and Jagaran manch called strike against the GJMM movement for seperate state ..and leading to violence in Siliguri.. where Force has been called to control the violence.Mr.Gurung is confident and the support for a seperate state is 100% in the hills. In the hills people started storing the Food ration for the upcoming stikes/bandhs.

Trinamool Leader Ms.Mamata Banerjee says if all the affected ..or parties in this event are invited then she will take part in the all party meeting,other wise it is useless to call the meeting.

Sikkim Chief Minister Mr.Pawan Kumar Chamling sought the help of Prime Minister Mr.Manmohan Singh for his intervention in this so that the landlocked state Sikkim  does not get affected by these bandhs, as the sole National Highway runs through Darjeeling Hills.

In another major event Nepals last King Gyanendra  gave his departing informal speech to the Media saying his family is not involved in the Royal Massacre,he will not leave the country and he is not having any property in any foreign country as the romours were spread about him.

Arushis Murder Mystery is slowly unfolding as CBI arrested  the Compounder-Krishna after  Narcotic tests .

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