Sunday, May 10, 2009

TONGUE TWISTER:I Live in the Sea inside her mouth

I bought a kilo of Tharini-fish from the fisherman,while cutting (washing)the fishes I saw something strange/fishy!!..a crawling insect like thing coming out of the mouth of the fish,I felt like throwing all the fish,but as I use to remove the whole head(normally we dont eat the head of small fishes)i continued my work ,unable to understand this..After a month I read some where about the exact thing ,may be in the"Believe it or Not".Now the mystery revealed and it was ACHAMBA THE AJOOBA.This alien  as a baby enters into the fish,stays in its mouth,grows,eats out the tongue of the host and replaces the tongue and lives happily forever sucking the blood of the host,working as the tongue.The fish bechara host ka maara. I didn't miss the chance to click a snap next time when I encountered this parasite.Here you see the alien invader !!


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