Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wanderer Gathers Honey !!!

First let me start with the economy class stay around the world,even in India.If you are bitten by the travel bug then this is for you.Youth Hostelling as a movement has not taken long to establish in the world. During the course of the last almost eighty years, it has spread from country to country and spanned all the five continents.The movement is based on two basic urges in the youth - love for the unknown, which includes desire for adventure and the desire to make friends.Since the movement started in Germany in the second decade of last century, there was very little opportunity for young people of limited means to travel at will and see and enjoy the beautiful places in their own country and the world around. The virtues of travel have been acknowledged in all ages and in all climes. Its hazards and uncertainities and costs used to be too great to allow the common youth to get as much benefit from it as was desired.The development of the means of communication and the establishment of youth hostels in more beautiful and attractive spots in many countries has made the opportunity of travel at a nominal cost far more easily available for youth. Go to .Becoming a member is very easy. I stayed in the Youth Hostels of Portblair,Ernakulam(Cochin),Chennai,Namchi,Shillong,New Delhi.It is superb to be a member.


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