Saturday, August 29, 2009

TUNE IN....and FLIP ON !!!

Now let me tell you how i am listening to news and read the magazine.Two years ago it was different,I tuned my radio to listen to my favourite BBC service..the reception depended on the place where i am...with all the ionospheric disturbances and thanks to our own power supply system(which i once thought a rival to radio broadcast derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the noise didnot allowed me to listen even the local news.
Now thanks to(i don't know how long it will continue !!!) the internet.Now i can listen to my BBC without the lightning disturbing it on my laptop, connected to my home theatre system.The net radio is the ultimate thing for the listener,buffering may cause a little bit broken listening in dial up connection ,but the quality is superb.You need a good broadband connection to listen to the high quality 125kbs or more broadcasts.Now you can also broadcast via shoutcast.

Reading a magazine or newspaper is becoming virtually similar to the real here to see yourself(pull the pages using your mouse),it is environment friendly.

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