Thursday, August 27, 2009


In school, I read about the Australian Rabbit problem in a chapter in my English Syllabus(CBSE),today when I was surfing the channels on my Tv I noticed a movie called RABBIT PROOF FENCE,and I watched it ..A simple movie about the stolen generation, of which we often come across in news papers, a true story of three half -caste aboriginal kids who escape from the camp and reach their homes,a long journey followed by a tracker(aboriginal experts who track down any thing on the wilderness easily using all their five and the sixth sense).
(my five year old son was weeping like anything after watching this movie.)
.Here we see a lot of tribal girls who were kept as maid-servants , their masters should watch this movie to understand them better,because once i witnessed that a maid servant of this kind was beaten roughly on the road-with charges of stealing money ,and brought back to the masters home while fleeing.

Any NGOs listening !!

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