Saturday, August 22, 2009


The organised frauds or the individual con man target the greedy, over-ambitious,vulnerable men and women with their glib talk and presentation.The Conman (read confidence man)deploy shills(person who endorse,convince their schemes to others,their dedication directly/indirectly towards the conman is natural ,as they are decoys)who finds and lists vulnerable,influencial people around him.Get Rich Quick schemes are planned with perfection .
Even they take advantage of religion,high moral values,social responsibilities,childrens welfare,natural disasters etc.

Confidence game or trick is played by building trust.Human nature of greed,jealousy,expectations are projected by the con man to influence.
They will bombard,brainwash the people wo are willingly or unwillingly attracted towards their schemes.They will organise some programmes and present cheques /awards to the shills to show their credebility in public.

BUT they know..that they cannot influence a honest Man !

We often hear about Signature Frauds..then why dont we change this signature based faith ?Is their any alternative to this seal- signature dependence?

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