Sunday, August 23, 2009

Disturbing Trend

Disturbing Trend

A class VI student commits suicide,Class V students arrested for molesting a class mate..this kind of news in daily papers disturbs me. Where are we going?In this screenage of mobilephone,TV ,Balika Badhu,Kids Reality Tv shows ,movies and exposure to news channels which work hard to get the women audience by indulging into family affairs...doing family panchayat on the TV studios and beaming it into our homes, brings closure the private lives of people .The Television is a strong media and if not used carefully they will create negativity in the minds of kids who cannot think rationally. I may be wrong blaming only the TV.

Parents, school and peers play a vital role in shaping the children’s future. Now it is not a adolescence problem, it is small kids who get angry easily and expect more from others and dream of those role models from media.

We speak of quality time with the kids. Ask any parent they will say that they are spending a lot with their kids, but how ...with the mobile on and talking to friends and the TV going ,computer running..yes this QualiTV time is not what they want!

Now the children are more intelligent than what we were at their age. They are aware of anything and everything of it.The educational system is numerical and not geometrically designed,what I mean is,not according to ones ability and talent but in a standard set of subjects a child should pass.It is like pushing all kinds of shapes and sizes inside a fixed cylinderical shape.

Let us role- play like a kid for a day in our creative and learn about a child once in a month...There is a kid in everyone of us, let us bring it out and become playful with our kids.

‘A child,’ said William Wordsworth, a famous poet, ‘is the Father of Man’

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