Sunday, December 24, 2017

Genius genes

WE all carry the GENIUS genes  ...when we learned to make fire, sat over rolling wooden logs,observed sprouting seeds ,accepted the friendship of a dog, domesticated animals and become dependent, feared the super POWER .

This lead to ways, when you don't need fire to cook (micro wave),rockets and hyperloops (wheel less),high breeds and genetically engineered (seedless),robots and AI bots,horse power to light years of travel  
........stone tools ,metal tools,mechanical to electronics , digital to Ai (Artificial intelligence) brain memory back ups on a frame in the homes instead of pictures may happen in the future....

The Ai Amars ,we the genius.We die ,but memories ,re-occur as  virtual karma .

This is nutshell about our PAST ,PRESENT AND FUTURE 😎
Reading habit can help, so thinking and  connecting the dots ....The permutations and combinations of facts with a flavour of imagination ,sprinkled with curiosity and finding ways to express can bring out the rat.....rational thoughts.😀✍subbiah 17-18.

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