Friday, December 29, 2017

Lure and the Resolution...

Lure and the new year resolutions.😎
When we make a resolution, we know that it's a tough work to keep the things ...going as per our wish.We know our limitations and temptations.

Even Eve was lured to taste the forbidden fruit.There lied the PIN(secret code for knowledge and intelligence ) code to trigger DEATH AND SUFFERING in our genes,at the cost of knowledge and wisdom.
Creation codes are always accompanied with codes to break in.Now we know almost 90% of it.

Now we are editing the gene codes with softwares (greatest accomplishment of 2017) Now we can tailor the genes.. ( tailoring  the jeans  is old one and we went for ready-made 😀).

This may lead to immortality and challenge our belief or faith system.

We always want to remain with our old ,protected ways of living.With your challenging resolution ,you are revolting against it,which your rational being thinks correct.A modified self,a new pattern needs CONSISTENCY.

What may come on the way..? Thakur may leave the Tijori open and show its contents  (as it was the lure for Veeru and Jai in Sholay) or a testing time...if you ignore and move ahead...and create a habit...which may take from a week to month to form ,will  make an indelible mark .
I completed my resolution to post regularly here at collMag in 2017 , even if no one responds ,reacts to the posts.I know not everyone sends a letter to the magazine after reading.
Don't declare your RE....SOLUTIONS to others...go ahead...Do it...😎

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